Family Picture June 2011

Family Picture June 2011
(L-R, B-F) Beth, Jess, Hunter, Merrill, Jane, Shelley, Elise (not real names)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gettin' our feet wet

We've been getting our feet wet all summer long....

At Bridal Veil Falls
With our friends...

And at the Riverwoods...

With more friends...

We LOVE Summer!

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  1. Your kids are sure grown up :) You are going to have to introduce me to all the fun places to play at in Orem/Provo area. We are so excited to be closer to you all :)



Beth (who is trying to overcome the habit of re-arranging her underwear): Mom? Why doesn't Jane pick her butt?

Jane: (adamantly) I DO!