Family Picture June 2011

Family Picture June 2011
(L-R, B-F) Beth, Jess, Hunter, Merrill, Jane, Shelley, Elise (not real names)

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best Feeling

This Christmas season I have felt like I am welcoming a New Born into my home again. It is the cherished gift of woman, to bear her own children. I realize the blessing is has been for me that over the past decade and more, this has been the crowning joy of my life, welcoming new born babies, one by one, into my life, my family, my home. There is just nothing else like it.

While that season of my life has ended and Jess and I have ushered in a new season of raising growing children, I have cherished the feelings which have returned this Christmas while singing songs about the tiny little Newborn Baby Jesus. I have thought about his earthly parents and the opportunity and challenge that was theirs of teaching and rearing Him in the flesh. 

Welcoming the Baby Jesus into my heart is akin to welcoming His atonement and testimony into my life. It is a gift, a welcoming, an openness, a joy, peace and blessing. At this season, as we celebrate and honor Him at the time of His mortal birth, we can celebrate also our own re-birth because of Him.

New Born Soul

As I hold
my new-born
smallest, sweetest

Deepest joy
cords of love

Gift from God

Think on Thee
New-Born King
came the same
to Mary

May I ever hold
my new-born
made new

Because of Thee


  1. I love that poem. Did you write it? It's simply beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. MMmmmm . .. that's sounding like a song in the making Shelley :)



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