Family Picture June 2011

Family Picture June 2011
(L-R, B-F) Beth, Jess, Hunter, Merrill, Jane, Shelley, Elise (not real names)

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Furniture.... AHHHH!

Well, in nearly 15 years of marriage, we have only bought 2 pieces of furniture. Our waterbed, and our sectional, which is now over 13 years old.

This past month, since half our kitchen chairs had broken, and our hand-me-down couches were literally falling apart, we decided it was time to buy some furniture.

And this is what we purchased. A 60" square table that seats 8. We cut the legs off and purchased the dining height chairs, because most square tables only come in counter height, which we didn't want.

And some couches for the living room. Bonded Leather on the armrests and cover, with corduroy micro-fiber cushions and pillows. We also bought a shock collar for the dog. (So he won't sit on them)

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  1. Yay, that is really exciting. I love the idea of lowering the square table.



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